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‘SmartStamp’ Style Post and Go Labels Go-Live


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In a further quest towards a unified set of labels and to aid operational processing, Post and Go kiosks yesterday(30th June 2009) started to be upgraded to print labels that conform to the existing ‘smartstamp’ format.

Post & Go First Day Cover Forgery

Post And Go Labels are getting so popular with collectors that the first forgeries of First Day Covers are now appearing on Ebay!

As can be seen from the image below – Labels with a very high session number of 7066, issued from the Galleries Machine  have been stamped with a Glasgow ’10’ Double Ring CDS of 8th October 2008.

But- 1) Only low numbers were issued in Bristol on that day and it was a few months buy tamoxifen canada before that session number was reached.

2) How did the cover travel from Bristol to Glasgow in the same day?

Glasgow Faststamp First Day Cover Forgery

Glasgow '10' Faststamp First Day Cover Forgery 8 OC 08

Royal Mail  Security have been notified of the misuse/missappropriation of this handstamp- all covers with this datestamp should be viewed with suspicion.

Obviously a Forgery- produced with intent to deceive.

Self Service Post and Go reaches central London

Upgrade To New Type 2 Font

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On April 1st The remaining three kiosk were upgraded to Type 2 font, in preparation of receiving Birds 3 Stamps.

The latest ‘Post Office’ to be opened in central London today (Entrance in Tudor Street EC4) – the entrance to the ‘Post and Go’ closet containing four Post and Go machines and two stamp vending machines.. This is the Post Office ‘Outreach’ service for central London.


Post & Go Labels-Changes-Part One-Addition of Perforations!

Post and Go labels-2009 perforated versions

Post and Go labels-2009 perforated version- From Doncaster.

As part of an overall program of alignment of the ‘set’ of Postage Labels produced for use in  Royal Mails postal system Post and Go machines will commence to dispense ‘Perforated’ labels.  All existing P&G sites will migrate across to these new labels once the existing rolls are used up.

It is believed that the first site to use thes labels was Clapham Common in early February 2009, followed by Bristol and Doncaster. (Confirmation required).

Further changes to the content printed on the label are expected soon…. Watch this space…

Ludgate Circus~A New Breed Pt Two-Next

As has been widely publicised, The Post Office at Ludgate Circus EC4, which currently has one Post and Go kiosk is to be closed and replaced by “the provision of some self-service mailing facilities” as explained here

It is now understood that the new facilty will be four NEW Post and Go machines, and will buy tamoxifen online feature payment by Debit Card ONLY- No Cash will be acceptable.

These machines will have a Office Code DIFFERENT to that currently used and so the current Ludgate Circus Machine will cease to be used, making the Labels and Faststamps currently generated most desirable..

The Roll Out Continues

Mainstone First Day Of Issue

Maidstone First Day Of Issue

Post&Go Reaches London!

Ludgate Circus Crown Office

Ludgate Circus Crown Office-Went live 15th October 2008

Post&Go reaches London!
I’ve updated the known Go-Live dates so far- please click here 

What Do Those Numbers Mean?

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Five Stamps and Eight Labels-A set of Thirteen..

I have now updated the pages showing the full set of labels and fast stamps produced by UK Wincor-Nixdorf Machines.

There are Eight Different Labels and Five Fast Stamps issued by Wincor-Nixdorf Machines in the UK.

UK Fast Stamps First Day Cover-08 OC 08.