Post and Go commemorates the Great War with symbolic Poppy overprinted stamps during Autumn Stampex 2014

Post and Go Single 'Solo' Poppy "First World War Centenary" Overprint Collectors Strip

Countdown to Autumn Stampex 2014

At Autumn Stampex 2014, Royal Mail will issue a special “Poppy” Post and Go stamp with a commemorative overprint “First World War Centenary” . The single image ‘Poppies on a reel’ will be also be available from NCR and Wincor units (A ‘first day’ of 21st October has been quoted in the Philatelic Bulletin, but this is unlikely to be enforced as branches will update their machines once stocks are available).

A mock up of the stamps is shown, and this is subject to change.

The stamps are available via pre-order here

Post and Go Services at Autumn Stampex 2013

Autumn Stampex 2013 has just closed its doors, taking place between the dates of 18th-21st September at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London N1.


Royal Mail provided the now familiar configuration of Post and Go ”Royal Mail Series One’ machines Nos. A2, A3,A4  along with a “Instant Smiler ” printer.

They all have been busy over the last three days providing the standard fare of an overprinted Post and Go commemorative plus from Friday  the latest in the ‘Freshwater Life’ series (Rivers) along with On-Demand ‘Post and Go Instant Smilers’ as below:-

[table caption=”Autumn Stampex 2013 Post and Go Stamp availability” width=”500″ colwidth=”20|50|50|50|50″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
A2,Union Flag/Machin,Union Flag/Machin,F/water Life-Rivers/Union Flag,F/water Life-Rivers/Union Flag
A3,Union Flag/Machin,Union Flag/Machin,F/water Life-Rivers/Union Flag,F/water Life-Rivers/Union Flag
A4,Union Flag/Machin,Union Flag/Machin,Union Flag/Machin,Union Flag/Machin
B1,Union Flag,Union Flag,F/Water Life-Rivers,F/Water Life-Rivers
B2,Machin,Machin,Union Flag,Union Flag

Notes:,B1 and B2 Pre-Order and over-the-counter sales only,Both the ‘Union Flag’ and the Machin Post and Go Stamps had a ‘MA13′ underprint.,Union Flag over printed “The Coronation 60th Anniversary’.



Various improvements have been made since previous events and it was noticed that the  machines benefited from a new-improved faster internet connection allowing for faster throughput of customers resulting in reduced queues compared to previous Stampex events..

New Hytech Machines plus Union flag Jubilee Overprint will be available at Autumn Stampex

Royal Mail have confirmed that they have completed their trials of Hytech Self-Service equipment and will now introduce a updated and improved set of Hytech equipment.

The new machines will include for the first time a ‘fixed’ machine identifier which will link to a ‘series type’ for example  the ‘A’ Series will be self-service. This ‘fixed’ identifier will appear on all stamps produced by that machine and will additionally include ‘Location’ as well as the usual Month and Year information.

For Autumn Stampex 2012 , there will be Four Hytech machines in use – two ‘Self Service’ and two ‘Back Office’ versions.

As usual, the current Post and Go issues will be available on the opening of Stampex – Pigs and Union flag . On the Friday of Stampex, The new issue ‘Cattle’ will be introduced.

In addition the ‘Stampex Special’ overprint will be a unique version (only available at this Stampex) of the “Diamond Jubilee” overprint applied to the Union Flag Post and Go stamp.

In summary, the products available have been confirmed as:-

  1. British Farm Animals 2 ~‘Pigs’ Post & Go Stamps.
  1. ‘Union Flag’ Post & Go Stamps with ‘Diamond Jubilee 1952-2012’ overprint.
  1. ‘Union Flag ‘Post & Go.
  1. British Farm Animal 3~’Cattle’ Post & Go Stamps. (Available from 28th September).

These will be available in six values: –

  • 1st Class                              £0.60
  • 1st Class Large                    £0.90
  • Europe up to 20g                 £0.87
  • Worldwide up to 10g             £0.87
  • Worldwide up to 20g             £1.28
  • Worldwide up to 40g             £1.90

Which can be vended in singles or multiples as required.

They will also be able to dispensed in

‘Collectors’ Strips:- 1 of each value                       £6.42


A self-service Post & Go Stampex only tribute to Arnold Machin!

[singlepic id=212 w=640 h=480 mode=watermark float=left]   Royal Mail have today indicated that following on from their trials of Hytech Postalvision equipment at Spring Stampex 2011, they will issue a tribute to ‘Arnold Machin’ in the form of an overprinted  set of  Post & Go stamps at next weeks Autumn Stampex.

This overprint will be only available at Stampex, and will be applied on the existing ‘Machin’ Post & Go stock on one of two new Hytech Self-service Stamp Machines.

These new self-service machines will be situated on Royal Mails stand and will exclusively  vend the new stamps, either singly or  in the now familiar ‘strip of six’ format. Payment will only be possible via Credit or Debit card -the machines will not accept cash.

The machine numbers will be 91 and 92 (The ‘9’ indicating September- self service  machines No.1 and 2).

Further details and further information will appear here as soon as known.

For three days only we have the Hytech Stampex-Only Machin Overprints available in our ebay shop on a ‘Buy it now’ basis:-


Birds Faststamps fly at Stampex

The first pictorial “faststamps” went live today at Stampex as well as 31 other Offices and proved to be very popular with collectors both old and new.

A queue formed early on at the Post & Go machine at Stampex and continued for most of the day. European dealers flew in specially for the event and purchased the maximum possible within their 15 min allocated slot. Some collectors were slightly puzzled by the options available to them, as the Royal Mail literature had only offered the 1st Class  preprinted variants via mail order , so many believed that this was also the only option available to them from the kiosk , were but soon got the hang of things  when assisted by fellow collectors and staff. A big success!