NCR Self Service kiosks reach UK Post Offices- A new era for stamp collecting.

On 28th February 2014 , the UK Post Office launched Self Service ‘Postal Kiosks’ manufactured by NCR corporation into the Crown Post Office branch in Harpenden, Herts.

NCR Post Office Self Service Machines

Kiosks number ’67’ and ’68’ became operational on Friday 28th February 2014 in the Crown Office Branch in Harpenden, Herts.

These kiosks , similar to those seen worldwide (such as those in Australia) take the self service of the acceptance of Post Items to the next level.

NCR kiosks short and wider than the existing Wincor units that are currently found in over 200 Post Offices, feature faster processing of almost all Royal Mail and Parcelforce products that are usually only available at the counter.

Customers can choose from 8 different stamps for later use or process their mail quickly and easily using the intuitive touch screen- which produces  a never-seen-before Open Value (or ‘OV’) Stamp.

Almost all mail can be processed though the kiosks- both letters and parcels -including inland first and second class mail, International mail and priority mail that includes tracking and delivery guarantee worldwide.

For stamp collectors these new range of stamps-  have become available for the first time, featuring the ‘Iconic Machin Queens Head’ image combined with  electronic information printed at the point of mails acceptance -they are sure to prove very popular with collectors and customers alike. Welcome to the 21st Century Post Office!

2nd Class Letter NCR Kiosk OV Stamp

2nd Class Letter OV Stamp







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Google Map showing Post and Go Locations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

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New Hytech Machines plus Union flag Jubilee Overprint will be available at Autumn Stampex

Royal Mail have confirmed that they have completed their trials of Hytech Self-Service equipment and will now introduce a updated and improved set of Hytech equipment.

The new machines will include for the first time a ‘fixed’ machine identifier which will link to a ‘series type’ for example  the ‘A’ Series will be self-service. This ‘fixed’ identifier will appear on all stamps produced by that machine and will additionally include ‘Location’ as well as the usual Month and Year information.

For Autumn Stampex 2012 , there will be Four Hytech machines in use – two ‘Self Service’ and two ‘Back Office’ versions.

As usual, the current Post and Go issues will be available on the opening of Stampex – Pigs and Union flag . On the Friday of Stampex, The new issue ‘Cattle’ will be introduced.

In addition the ‘Stampex Special’ overprint will be a unique version (only available at this Stampex) of the “Diamond Jubilee” overprint applied to the Union Flag Post and Go stamp.

In summary, the products available have been confirmed as:-

  1. British Farm Animals 2 ~‘Pigs’ Post & Go Stamps.
  1. ‘Union Flag’ Post & Go Stamps with ‘Diamond Jubilee 1952-2012’ overprint.
  1. ‘Union Flag ‘Post & Go.
  1. British Farm Animal 3~’Cattle’ Post & Go Stamps. (Available from 28th September).

These will be available in six values: –

  • 1st Class                              £0.60
  • 1st Class Large                    £0.90
  • Europe up to 20g                 £0.87
  • Worldwide up to 10g             £0.87
  • Worldwide up to 20g             £1.28
  • Worldwide up to 40g             £1.90

Which can be vended in singles or multiples as required.

They will also be able to dispensed in

‘Collectors’ Strips:- 1 of each value                       £6.42


The (Post and Go) Future is here!

Ive seen the future and the future is self service   – Wincor-Nixdorf style times ten!

A new style ‘futuristic’ Post Office branch, which has been recently refitted with ten Wincor-Nixdorf Post and Go machines has opened for business in Birmingham town centre.

The Pinfold Street, Birmingham Post Office Branch is the first of a brand new type of Branch (Known as a ‘Premier’) which promotes a whole new concept of self-service to customers.

Photo Gordon Griffiths

The ten Post & Go machines are spead around the brnach in clusters of 2 or 3 – and the branch staff mingle with the customers to assist customers with posting items and any other transactions.


The ten post and go machines have all been upgraded to V2 and offer Special Delivery , Recorded Delivery and International services- except one (Kiosk No. 10) which minus the postal weigh scales is reserved for the sale of stamps and payment for retail items.

No.10 Kiosk results in a Kiosk ID of Zero on the stamps and labels.

As well as being the first Premier Branch, The first branch to have ten post and go machines it is also the first branch to use a new, foldable, ‘mini’ date stamp, currently reserved for ‘customer side’ use on Post and Go receipts.