So what was available from Spring Stampex 2012?

  I have had many messages regarding what was available from Spring Stampex 2012. Certainly the Royal Mail stand appeared to be doing a brisk trade in Postage Labels from the now ‘standard’ configuration of two self-service machines  (Back in their ‘February’ configuration of  Nos.21 and 22) and two ‘back office’ machines (Nos 23 and 24).

Wednesday started off with the left hand self service  machine (No. 21) dispensing the ‘Diamond Jubilee’ overprint – and this continued until the close of the show uninterrupted.  This was mirrored in the back office by machine (No.23) for the first day of the show.

The right hand self-service machine (No.22)  was fitted with ‘Birds 4 ‘ stamps (as the current issue) until Friday where it was (as the first day of issue) replaced by the new ‘Farm Animals- series 1 – Sheep’ stamps.

Things in the back office where slightly different as due to the large demand for the Sheep stamps both back office machines had to be brought into service to print these and so the overprint was temporarily  removed from machine No. 22 and used for ‘Collectors strips’ on Friday and Saturday. (It was re-introduced for a time on Friday and then removed again on Saturday)

Therefore Sheep stamps exist from machines 22, 23 and 24.

Diamond Jubilee stamps exist from machines 21 and 23 only

Birds 4 stamps exist from machines 22 and 24 only.

The back office machines produced collectors sets of 36 (6 x 6 ) or collectors strips of 6 for the Birds and Sheep issue or collectors strips of 6 for the Diamond Jubilee overprint.

The self service machines had been modified to prevent ‘pulling’ by some collectors/dealers to manufacture their own ‘varieties’- this appeared to be successful and although the odd ‘hiccup’ was noted where misprints did occur- those that did were ‘real’ !

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22nd Feb 2012


23rd Feb 2012


24th Feb 2012


25th Feb 2012







Birds 4

Birds 4





Machin + Sheep


Machin + Sheep


Birds 4




Sheep stamps were printed in advance of First Day to ensure dealers pre-orders

were ready on first day- in these cases the receipts will show the FDOI.



No more Gravure? -Post & Go Sheep sets and FDC stamps printed by Hytech.

Pictorial Faststamps: Sheep – 24 February 2012

We all know that the next set of Post and Go Pictorial Stamps will be “British Farm Animals” featuring sheep from around the UK  and will be the first in a series of three issues that will explore some of the many traditional breeds of sheep, cattle and pigs to be found on farms in the UK.

But, as a dramatic departure from the previous ‘Birds’ sets , where these items sold directly from Talents House would have been press-printed in Gravure (and a have very distinct print appearance) Royal Mail have confirmed that, for this issue at least, the ‘set’ stamps and those used on Royal Mail produced FDCs will be printed by Hytech.

The ‘set’ pack containing six 1st class stamps has been redesigned (rotated through 90 degrees) to take the new, but now familiar Hytech  ‘strip of six’ as seen at the last two Stampex shows.

And the good news is that there is no premium for this pack and so it can be pre-ordered at the face value of £2.76 (6 x 1st Class) – a sure sell-out item?


A self-service Post & Go Stampex only tribute to Arnold Machin!

[singlepic id=212 w=640 h=480 mode=watermark float=left]   Royal Mail have today indicated that following on from their trials of Hytech Postalvision equipment at Spring Stampex 2011, they will issue a tribute to ‘Arnold Machin’ in the form of an overprinted  set of  Post & Go stamps at next weeks Autumn Stampex.

This overprint will be only available at Stampex, and will be applied on the existing ‘Machin’ Post & Go stock on one of two new Hytech Self-service Stamp Machines.

These new self-service machines will be situated on Royal Mails stand and will exclusively  vend the new stamps, either singly or  in the now familiar ‘strip of six’ format. Payment will only be possible via Credit or Debit card -the machines will not accept cash.

The machine numbers will be 91 and 92 (The ‘9’ indicating September- self service  machines No.1 and 2).

Further details and further information will appear here as soon as known.

For three days only we have the Hytech Stampex-Only Machin Overprints available in our ebay shop on a ‘Buy it now’ basis:-