Two Olympic Post Offices to open- But will we be able to Post & Go?

  Two Post Office new branches will open in the Athletes Village Plaza and Main Press Centre in Stratford’s Olympic Park.

As well as offering a range of Post Office services, they will offer customers the chance to view the heritage of the London Olympic Games. There will be displays of stamps issued for the 1948 Games, plus the 30 stamps created to celebrate the 30th Olympic Paralympic Games.

The services available include first and second class mail for letters and packets, international mail for letters and small packets, Post Office card accounts, international money transfer via MoneyGram

There will be a chance to buy Royal Mail Smiler postage stamps, personalised with a photo in a special, limited edition souvenir pack commemorating the Games, plus a small collection of mail products and other souvenirs.

Royal Mail will also issue a stamp after each Team GB gold medal, depicting each winner. These will also be for sale across 5,000 different Post Office branches.

The new branches will be open seven days a week from 8am to 9pm through the Games, expecting to serve more than 30,000 people.

My Question is- Will they have any Self Service/Post and Go machines available? Will non-ticket holders/athletes  be able to purchase these items?

New Discovery!-Post and Go stamp security overprint missing!

Whilst looking through some ‘Hytech’ vended Post and Go Stamps I have come across some where the security overprint does not cover the whole of the stamp~there is a discernible and noticable gap at the base of the stamp where the print does not reach the bottom of the stamp.   Upon checking with other dealers they have noticed the same on a handful of stamps purchased at Spring Stampex 2011  and have confirmed that at least one whole strip of five with this error on each stamp exists.



*NEW* Full list of Wincor-Nixdorf Post and Go Machines in the UK now added

The full list of Wincor-Nixdorf Proposal Kiosks currently in use in the UK, along with branch addresses and their go-live date is now shown here:-

Five Stamps and Eight Labels-A set of Thirteen..

I have now updated the pages showing the full set of labels and fast stamps produced by UK Wincor-Nixdorf Machines.

There are Eight Different Labels and Five Fast Stamps issued by Wincor-Nixdorf Machines in the UK.