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First Wincor Nixdorfs Go-Live This Week!

This week sees the Go-Live of the first batch of Wincor-Nixdorf ProPostal Machines in the UK.

The full installation schedule has been released by Royal Mail (Tallents House) and can be seen here:-

Click for Installation Schedule

Countdown To Go-Live!

It was confirmed today that the first Wincor-Nixdorf UK Post and Go Machine producing Royal Mail postage labels and Post Office ‘Fast Stamps’ will go-live on 8th October 2008 at the Galleries Branch, Bristol. This will be followed on 10th October 2008 at two locations -Sunderland and South Shields…..Thanks to Royal Mail, Tallents House, the full installation schedule, including dates and number of machines to be installed can be seen here..

Coming Soon to a Post Office near you..

TNT Nixdorf

Nixdorf ‘Pro-Postal’ machine – to be rolled out to 700 UK Post Offices in 2009

First Look at the real thing!- UK ATM Postage Labels

Today was the subpostmasters conference – Wincor Nixdorf had a stand dispensing example UK postage printed on ‘Royal Mail’ self adhesive paper. Here is one of the examples I obtained:Wincor Nixdorf



Post & Go


Postage Labels in the UK? they don’t issue those do they?

This blog is all about Postage Labels in the UK- from the first steps in 1984 to the plans in 2008/9 to roll out 700 Nixdorf machines that will include the facility to post letters and packets and dispense the first real ‘Postage Labels’ the UK Post Office has issued since 1984.

I am also including the steps taken to reach this point, including the different types of ‘Horizon’ Labels, the ‘Weigh and Vend’ experiment of 2004 and the close cousins ‘Smartstamps’ .. with which, as  you will discover in the not too distant future, a significant amount of convergence will take place..

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