Post and Go NVI Stamps – What are they worth for postage?

One of the most common questions sent to us is from readers trying to confirm the current ‘worth’ or face value of obsolete (or even current) Post and Go ‘Non Value’ or NVI stamps where used for postage. There doesn’t appear to be any official reference for this information but there has been previous confirmation of the principles used by Royal Mail’s revenue protection, which allows us to produce the following, updated and indeed simplified by the tariff change of 1st September 2020.

InlandStatus Current Value for Postage
1st ClassCurrent£0.76
1st Class LargeCurrent£1.15
2nd ClassCurrent£0.65
2nd Class LargeCurrent£0.88
Europe up to 20gObsolete£1.45
Euro 20g World 10gCurrent£1.45
Europe up to 60gObsolete£1.70
Europe up to 100gObsolete£1.70
Worldwide up to 10gObsolete£1.45
World 10g Euro 20gObsolete£1.45
Worldwide up to 20gObsolete£1.70
Worldwide up to 40gObsolete£2.55
Worldwide up to 60gObsolete£2.55
Worldwide up to 100gObsolete£2.55
Euro 100g World 20gCurrent£1.70
World 100g Zone 1-3Current£2.50
World 100g Zone 2Current£2.55
Post and Go NVI Stamp Postage Values September 2020

The rule applied is that any NVI stamp that indicates a weight step that no longer exists should be rounded up to the next weight and take on the value of that weight step. Where a zone is not indicated then all zones are covered and the stamp takes the value of the most expensive zone in that weight step.

Where these stamps are being used for pre-payment at a Post Office counter posters should consider that NVIs stamp were originally supplied for use for a particular purpose – e.g. specific inland or international mail letter rates and although techncially they are valid for use for other services, such use is exceptional and may result in refusal or re-direction to direct Royal Mail channels.

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