Next Generation Post and Go goes to Scotland

Royal Mails ‘Next Generation’ Post & Go kiosks Numbers A1 and A2, which previously made their debut at Stampex in October, today commenced their tour and were in operation at  the first day of the Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies’ National Exhibition in 2012 in Perth, Scotland.

Both machines (A1 and A2) were configured to dispense both ‘Union flag’ and ‘Machin Head’ post and go stamps with a unique overprint:-

PERTH 2012


No back office facilities ere available for pre or bulk order- the stamps are not available from Royal Mail via Mail Order – the only way of obtaining these stamps was to attend the show.

The data string has been updated to ‘AOGB A1-000001-01’  – The ‘O’ representing October .




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