Royal Mail Post and Go Home for Xmas

Royal Mail have announced ( at )that their Post and Go machines, previously only used in exibition settings are to be used in real operational, customer-facing settings over the xmas period (Not just for collectors!) The idea is likely to be to  relieve the pressure on queues and provide additional capacity for the sale of stamps.

Machines A003 and A004 are to be put into generic ritalin frontline service (with some slight modifications) and loaded with the ‘Winter Greenery’ stamps.

The two locations involved are

Royal Mail Crewe,

Weston Road,




Royal Mail Bradford North DO

Inkersley Road






Both sites are expected to be operational from 3rd December until Late January 2015 (when the machines are scheduled to be moved to their show locations).


2 Responses to “Royal Mail Post and Go Home for Xmas

  • 1
    November 28th, 2014 17:08

    I wouldn’t regard this as ‘front line’ services.

    Yes, they are available to members of the public, but without publicity they would only be known by those who visited these offices to collect PO Box or undelivered parcels.

  • 2
    November 28th, 2014 21:50

    Agree that it’s a location much frequented – but not by people wanting to buy stamps.

    Unless these two offices are among those which have been remodelled to allow plenty of space, I can imagine chaos when certain Post an Go dealers hot-foot it to those locations to buy stamps which cannot be bought anywhere else.

    It’s certainly a significant step – I can’t imagine why Royal Mail have thought it will be remotely relevant to have stamp vending machines in Delivery/Collection Offices.

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