Will Post and Go come of age in 2014?

As a relatively new area of stamp collecting, Post and Go stamps are proving to be both exciting and popular with GB collectors. ‘Armchair’ stamp collectors are realising that they can no longer expect all of their collection to arrive in an envelope from Tallents House and they are going back to the roots of collecting in larger and larger numbers – experiencing the thrill of the chase combined with the satisfaction of new and unique find- that won’t be available tomorrow , from anywhere else or via mail order.

So last years ‘Post and Go Roadshow’ was a success- Royal Mail took it’s (now infamous) ‘Series 1’ self-machines machines combined with a newly invigorated ‘Instant Smilers’ offer in various combinations to locations all around the UK- both as part of the  regional buyonlinegenericmeds.com/products/levitra Stamp Show calendar (Perth, York, Salisbury, Stafford) and via the Post Office Stamp Shop (Main shopping centres in Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Birmingham, Cardiff, Croydon and London) to give the maximum opportunity for collectors and non-collectors to purchase, many for the first time, their unique offering.

So building upon last years events , Royal Mail is continuing to improve and develop the products and services available- and continuing to make them available to as wide an audience as possible. As part of this ongoing development Royal Mail iscontinuing to invest in new, improved technology and have purchased a number of new ‘Post and Go’ machines – designated series ‘B’ -that promise to be faster and will allow further development of new products.

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    January 16th, 2014 21:51

    Strange how this is so much better formatted in the WordPress email than on the blog itself. All the paras have gone!

    Anyway, according to somebody who should know, the On Tour machines and those at the shows were Royal Mail Series II, but even if they were Series I, why would the next ones be Series B ???

    I know we don’t get much consistency from them but that’s daft!

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