New Discovery!-Post and Go stamp security overprint missing!

Whilst looking through some ‘Hytech’ vended Post and Go Stamps I have come across some where the security overprint does not cover the whole of the stamp~there is a discernible and noticable gap at the base of the stamp where the print does not reach the bottom of the stamp.   Upon purchase nolvadex checking with other dealers they have noticed the same on a handful of stamps purchased at Spring Stampex 2011  and have confirmed that at least one whole strip of five with this error on each stamp exists.



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    May 15th, 2011 20:01

    I think this is a downward shift of the perforations, as the Queen’s head is much closer to the top than normal. I have been shown several ‘states’ of the position of the head, and believe that they are all attributable to perforation shifts.

    What this does demonstrate is that the background printing is not continuous, the ‘matrix’ of the label strip being unprinted.

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