UK postage Labels- Explanation of numbers


  • Weight from electrnic scale in Kg

Postage Indicator


  • 2L- 2nd Class Letter
  • 2LL-2nd Class Large Letter
  • 1LL-1st Class Large Letter
  • 1PK- 1st Class Packet
  • 2PK- 2nd Class Packet


  • ‘A’ – Airmail

Applicable Tariff

  • Signifies relevant Airmail Tariff
  • – Letter ( Standard tariff so not shown)
  • – Small Packet
  • – Printed Papers

Postage Paid

  • Amount of Postage Paid in Pounds/Pence

Post By Date= Date Of Purchase+1 day

Branch Code

  • Code of the branch where the Label was printed/issued.

Machine Number

  • Signifies the ‘Machine Number’ – generally the left hand machine will be “Machine 1” and the right hand machine ‘Machine 2″ 

Post and Go

  • PAG text signifies that the label has originated from a ‘Post and Go’ machine.

Session Number

  • From the point where a customer starts a series of trasactions to the point where they ‘settle’ the transaction (i.e. pay) is called a ‘Customer Session’.  

Transaction Number

  • The number of the transaction within the overall ‘Customer Session’- maximum 99.

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