The ‘Essentials’ Enigma

First day of Post Office Essentials SiD
First day of Post Office Essentials SiD

On 1st September 2008 a new style of Post Office, known as ‘Post Office Essentials’ (Previously known as ‘Urban Outreach’) opened in the Old Town area of Hastings. This is the first branch of this type (other than a trial branch in Canterbury) to be ‘branded’ in this way. Above is shown the SID from the first day-the first to show the ‘PO Essentials’ branding in any datestamp.

However, the interest  from my point of view is the proposed installation of a Wincor-Nixdorf Propostal ‘Post and Go’ machine (as advised by Royal Mail, Tallents House)  from mid October.. the first branch other than a Crown Office to have such a enigma indeed.


Willen, Milton Keynes Essentials SiD

Willen, Milton Keynes 'Essentials' SiD


It will be interesting to see if subsequent ‘Post Office essentials’ branches- such as Willen, Milton Keynes will be fitted with Post and Go Machines? 

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Essentials-Products and Services Essentials-Products and Services

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