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Updated collectors strip from Jan 2021

Post & Go…As you like it..

Various Post and Go museums are starting to re-open. Both Steam GWR A010 and Shakespeare A009 machines resumed service on 17th September 2020. This is the first time that the new tariff values have become available from these sites.

The recent tariff changes include the intrduction of three new ‘combi’ values of “Euro 100g/World 20g”, World 100g Zone 1 -3 and World 100g Zone 2.

The Zone indicator ‘1 -3’ has caused some comment amongst collectors and dealers alike as it is could be taken as including the Zone 2 tariff. A clearer indicator would of course be a simple ‘&’ ..

UPDATE 18/9: It has been confirmed in response to feedback received from dealers and collectors that the “Worldwide 1 -3” stamp has been changed to “Worldwide 1 & 3” at all Museum locations.

Royal Mail Covid-19 Tariff Change results in three new Post and Go NVI stamps for 2020

Royal Mail will increase their prices for the third time in 2020 on 1st September, generally due to the impact of COVID-19 and the knock-on effects of increased transport costs across the world. This time the price changes affect International Letter and Large letter tariffs as well as parcels and builds on the earlier changes to pricing zones on 1st July 2020 when a new ‘Zone 3’ was introduced specifically for the USA.

From a Post and Go collector’s perspective this change will result in the introduction of three new NVI values – the first for a few years.

Firstly, the new tariff combines two previously different tariffs- Europe 100g and Worldwide 20g to the same price point (£1.70) , which allows for a new ‘Combi’ Euro 100g World 20g NVI stamp to be introduced.

Secondly, the introduction of new Worldwide pricing zone 3 earlier in the year has allowed for the applicable Letter rates, for the first time, to differ, so we have the Letter rate for zone 1 and 3 at £2.50 and zone 3 (Australasia) a rate of £2.55 – the first time for a while – certainly since Post and Go stamps have existed- that International letter rates have differed in this way.

This is accomodated by introducing two further new NVI values- a “Worldwide 100g Zone 1-3” and a “Worldwide 100g Zone 2”.

The values ‘retired’ as of 1st September as no longer required are “Euro 100g”, “Worldwide 20g”, and “Worldwide 100g”.

In summary, a comparison between existing and revised values and prices available from before and after 1st Sept 2020:-

1st Class Collectors Strip until 31st August 20201st Class Collectors Strip from 1st September 2020
1st Class£0.76 1st Class£0.76
1st Class Large£1.151st Class Large £1.15
Euro 20g/World 10g£1.43Euro 20g/World 10g£1.45
Euro 100g £1.68Euro 100g/World 20g£1.70
World 20g£1.63World 100g Zone 1 – 3£2.50
World 100g £2.42World 100g Zone 2£2.55
Total£9.07Total £10.11
1st Class Collectors Strip price comparison – pre and post 1st Sept 20- an increase of £1.04

The new NVIs will be available on 1st September from all NCR kiosks in Post Offices and IAR locations that are currently in use. (some SSKs are currently out of use to maintain social distancing in Post Office branches and some museum locations are yet to re-open).

The prices for the OV stamps will be updated in line with the tariff, without any design changes.

Machin Stamps are available here:-

Robin Stamps are available here:-

For the NCR SSK and SFKs the ‘buy stamps’ menu will be updated, with the Worldwide 100g stamp option being removed.

Party Political Conferences showcase Post and Go capability


Post and Go at Party Political Conference

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Autumn is the start of the political party Conference season in the UK and as in previous years Royal Mail are keen to showcase their brand heritage as well as their collectible range to influential politicians and decision makers. They also provide an operational mail self service Post and Go facility at selected events. This year this is being provided by the  ‘undercover’ Post and Go Kiosk M007 which has moved from its usual home at Royal Mail HQ and is touring the conference circuit.
It is worth noting that M007 has scales attached and as it is in a restricted access  environment (as the BFPO machines ) dispenses OV style stamps for the acceptance of ‘Ordinary’ Inland and International Mail as well as standard NVI 1st and 2nd Class Machin Post and Go stamps.
The Liberal Democratic Party met at Bournemouth from 16 to 19 September but as in previous years (perhaps because of the clash with Stampex and the resources needed to move the machine are elsewhere) no Post and Go facility is provided on the Royal Mail stand.
Next up is the Labour Party who met at Brighton from 24 to 27 September with M007 generating 1st and 2nd Class Machins with a ‘Brighton’ overprint.
This will be followed by the Conservative Party conference in Manchester from 1 to 4 October with M007  and a ‘Manchester’ overprint before finally a move to Glasgow at the Scottish Nationalist Party conference at Glasgow from 8 to 10 October with a ‘Glasgow’ overprint.

The Labour NVI stamps are available from our ebay site Labour Party Conference NVI Post and Go

Conservative NVIs are available here  Conservative Party Conference NVI Post and Go

SNP NVIs are available here

Royal Mail Price Changes for Post and Go Collectors- 27th March 2017

Royal Mail’s prices change annually – usually on the Monday nearest to the 1st April (The beginning of Royal Mail’s new financial year). This year the changes are introduced on Monday 27th March 2017.

Royal Mail ‘headline’ rate change is 1p on 1st Class and 2nd Class to 56p and 65p respectively but, dig a bit deeper and significant rises – in international – especially European letter rates that impact Post and Go stamp collectors, can be found.

The ‘1st Class Reel’ NVI values to change are that of the ‘1st Class’ (from 64p to 65p) , ‘1st Class Large’ (from 96p to 98p) and ‘World 10g/Euro 20g’ value (from £1.05 to £1.17), ‘Euro 100g’ (from 152p to 157p), ‘World 20g’ (from 133p to 140p) and finally ‘World 100g’ from 225p to 227p resulting in a 29p increase (3.6%) in the cost of a collectors strip from £7.75 to £8.04 (Ouch).

For ‘2nd Class Reel’ rates they change from ‘2nd Class’ (from 55p to 56p) and ‘2nd Class Large’ (from 75p to 76p) changing the cost of the strip from 130p to 132p.

Royal Mails prices can be found here: Royal Mail Tariff 2017

Royal Mail Tariff Change 29th March 2016

Royal Mail’s prices change annually – usually on the Monday nearest to the 1st April (The beginning of Royal Mail’s new financial year). This year Easter Monday puts a (chocolate flavoured? ) spanner in the works and so prices change on Tuesday 29th March.

Essentially this tariff has very little in the way of the surprises of recent years – but one that could be missed is the difference – for the first time- for postage purchased online verses the price for good old stamps or postage labels applied at a Post Office. For the first time Royal Mail are disincentivising the use of stamps over postage bought online. Granted there has been a difference in pricing for some years for postage applied via a franking machine, but the prices were not really comparable since the necessary equipment had to be purchased/leased and maintained, so only for high volume users did the savings really make any sense.

Royal Mails prices can be found here: Royal Mail Tariff 2016

In summary: Online postage prices have been frozen and the stamped postage generally increased by a few pence. Many prices have not changed including those for International letters between 20g-100g.

Where does this leave Post and Go collectors? The NVI values to change are that of the ‘1st Class’ (from 63p to 64p) , ‘1st Class Large’ (from 95p to 96p) and ‘World 10g/Euro 20g’ value (from £1 to £1.05), resulting in a 7p increase in the cost of a collectors strip from £7.68 to £7.75.


Latest Horizon Labels appear in operational Post Offices

Horizon Postage Label

Following on from their introduction at Europhilex 2015, the latest design of Horizon Postage Label has now been seen in day to day use in operational (not event) Post Offices.

The example shown is from Moorgate Post Office a few days prior to relocation of that office.

Europhilex launch for updated ‘precanceled’ Horizon Labels

At Europhilex 2015, as is usual with International Exhibitions in London, as well as the usual Royal Mail ‘Philatelic’ offering, an operational Post Office was established on the gallery.

As part of this and similar to London 2010 where the now widespread  ‘Gold’ Horizon had its ‘First Day’ , Post Office Ltd introduced the latest updated design of Postage Label, with reduced size Queens Head (to allow for more information to be printed) and change to a colour more reminiscent of ‘2000’ Machin stamps.

The first day of use (and therefore introduction of the base label) was 13th May 2015. This is believed to be followed by a limited use in selected branches in the following weeks.

As can be seen, as well as the change of colour, the design features a reduced size Queens Head (Previously announced by Royal Mail at the BPMA Friends Open Day at Debden a year ago on 17th May 2014) and a ‘precancel’ to serve as a reminder that items bearing labels cannot be reused, even though they are not routinely postmarked or cancelled.

The increased ‘white space’ is understood to be made available for a future change in the overprint itself.

Another tariff day, another dollar

New NVI and OV stamps plus a Horizon label 

Monday 30th March 2015 – ‘Tariff Day’ ,  the day that Royal Mail change their prices.  Some up and some down -including some significant drops in the Medium Parcel rates and penny or increases so most other rates.

One of the main changes to interest to collectors is related to the introduction of a new international ‘Large Letter’ size and related increases to the international weight bands for Letters.

But what does this mean to collectors of Postagelabels and Post and Go Stamps  ?

With the demise of the Wincor-Nixdorf Post and Go we are left with the NCR units in the Post Office network plus the IAR units in Royal Mail operational and fixed ‘Philatelic’ locations.

NCR and IAR NVI Stamps

These have been updated to include the two new “100g Letter’ stamps for the new weight bands (replacing the previous 60g step). The collectors set has been updated accordingly.


NCR OV Stamps 

To reflect the introduction of the new International Large Letter size, new Large Letter text has been added to create new OV stamps as applicable.

These appear with a ‘LgLetter’ description and are available in the A, IS, IT and ITS versions.

Our catalogue has been updated accordingly. Please ask for a copy.

Horizon Labels 

One Horizon label has been updated. For details of this change watch this space.

Last Wincor Post & Go safely preserved at BPMA

As reported yesterday, Wincor Post and Go units are now all history for Post Office Ltd. However on a happier note the last operational kiosk – that from the WH Smith branch at Swiss Cottage, was today removed to the BPMA store for preservation for decades to come.














A fitting place for an important part of our Postal Heritage.