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The Issue with our server which has prevented some users from receiving their ‘user registration’ email has now been fixed. Please use the ‘lost password’ option to request a new password, which should be received within a few minutes .
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The missing Postage Label Identifier RPR!

One of the rarest of the current Horizon Postage Label Identifiers is ‘RPR’  – This is only ever used for items being returned under a “Packet Post Returns” Licence where exceptionally the sender has requested the ‘Recorded Signed For’ service – so the label only has a fixed value of 75p (74p from 5/4/10) (77p from 4/4/11).

The other oddity of note is that this service results in the item having two barcodes affixed- one for the Packet Post Return Licence service and one for the Recorded Signed-For service.

This identifier was discontinued on 17th April 2011 and replaced on 18th April 2011 by the ‘RSF’ identifier.

*NEW* Full list of Wincor-Nixdorf Post and Go Machines in the UK now added

The full list of Wincor-Nixdorf Proposal Kiosks currently in use in the UK, along with branch addresses and their go-live date is now shown here:-

New Horizon Labels launched as part of Post Office software upgrade

This week, the Post office have commenced its roll-out of its latest  software upgrade  (Known as “Horizon Online“). This will result in the appearance of all items printed in a Post Office changing slightly in appearance, which obviously includes Clerk-printed postage labels.

The noticeable features of the new labels include thinner lettering and the removal of the final digit  showing the  batch number indicator. (transaction counter).

“Post Office Ltd told us that the Horizon technology is being upgraded in a project called ‘Horizon Online’, which it expects to produce a fully automated system…”

Obviously once this upgrade is complete, the current series of Horizon Postage labels is expected to become obsolete-So fill those gaps now!

Mint Gold Machin Labels from Camden Town trial appear on EBay!

A seller on Ebay has been selling Mint Gold Horizon Machin Labels , without apparently knowing what they are!

And at £10.49 for a pair appear to be VERY cheap! (Given that used ones on cover have fetched £40-£50) . However unused sheetlets should not be available…

These should only appear in a used state, affixed to items and for the Special Delivery Trial only that took place in High Street, Camden Town last year.

So where did these come from? – The seller has sold multiples of these..

UPDATE:- Further Mint labels have been listed here by a different seller.

AAX Horizon Label First Day Cover

Cover recently obtained, showing First Day of the new “AAX” Airsure label.


Last Day covers of the Camden Town Trial are still available here:-

Post & Go Double Error from Manchester

One of the Manchester Post & Go Machines continues to produce a rather faulty label- so much that covers have been especially produced . An extra error  is that the date in the datestamp is inverted! Another Nice one!

2004 Trial Of ‘All In One’ Special Delivery Horizon Label

Cover showing example of ‘all in one’ Horizon postage label incorporating a Special Delivery barcoded label which was inserted into the printer in one piece.  Trialled in one branch (Albemarle Street , London W1) in June 2004.

Macclesfield First Day Of Issue