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Clapham Common Confirmed Go-Live Today

images will be uploaded asap

An uploaded installation schedule can be seen here

Wincor-Nixdorf Post&Go Machines Scrapbook

Birmingham Crown Office~Pinfold Street

how to buy nolvadex Logo” src=” PO logo.jpg” alt=”Birmingham -Machine 1 Receipt-PO Logo” width=”486″ height=”766″ />
Birmingham -Machine 1 Receipt-PO Logo

Birmingham -Machine 2 Receipt-Wincor Nixdorf Logo

UK Postage Labels

UK ATM Labels


UK 2008 ATM Machin ‘Faststamp’ Postage Labels set of 5

We now sell the Set of five self adhesive Machin head Post & Go ATM ‘faststamps’ from the Wincor-Nixdorf Post & Go machines which were 


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first issued in October 2008.

It is the complete set of Five -1st Class, 1st Large, Europe, Worldwide up to 10g and Worldwide up to 20g.

The stamps each have two phosphor bands.

These stamps are not currently available from any philatelic outlets or Tallents House.

I can post anywhere worldwide.


**Supplied in a special collectable strip of five, as shown, not separate items**

Please choose which issuing office you require from menu- contact me for any not shown.
Additional Options

UK postage Labels- Explanation of numbers


  • Weight from electrnic scale in Kg

Postage Indicator


  • 2L- 2nd Class Letter
  • 2LL-2nd Class Large Letter
  • 1LL-1st Class Large Letter
  • 1PK- 1st Class Packet
  • 2PK- 2nd Class Packet


  • ‘A’ – Airmail

Applicable Tariff

  • Signifies relevant Airmail Tariff
  • – Letter ( Standard tariff so not shown)
  • – Small Packet
  • – Printed Papers

Postage Paid

  • Amount of Postage Paid in Pounds/Pence

Post By Date= Date Of Purchase+1 day

Branch Code

  • Code of the branch where the Label was printed/issued.

Machine Number

  • Signifies the ‘Machine Number’ – generally the left generic bactrim hand machine will be “Machine 1” and the right hand machine ‘Machine 2″ 

Post and Go

  • PAG text signifies that the label has originated from a ‘Post and Go’ machine.

Session Number

  • From the point where a customer starts a series of trasactions to the point where they ‘settle’ the transaction (i.e. pay) is called a ‘Customer Session’.  

Transaction Number

  • The number of the transaction within the overall ‘Customer Session’- maximum 99.

Postmark Bookshop

Wincor-Nixdorf UK Faststamps-Full Set

Wincor-Nixdorf UK Postage Labels- Full Set

2nd Class Large Letter