Royal Mail /Jersey Post ‘Joint Flag Issue’

At Spring Stampex Jersey Post will join the Post and Go club and will taken ownership of their own ‘Series B’ machine- number J001 – that will vend a unique Jersey Flag  stamp with six relevant NVI values  on one reel alongside a GB Union nolvadex online flag stamp on the other – a truly unique, modern and innovative way of producing a joint stamp issue.

The print string will be (For items purchased at Stampex)

B2GB14 J001-0000-001

For the back office/preorders a different string will be used.

B2GB14 B001-0000-001 etc.


One Response to “Royal Mail /Jersey Post ‘Joint Flag Issue’

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    January 31st, 2014 10:15

    I believe the back office/preorders string will be:

    B2JE14 B001-0000-001 etc

    All pre-orders for the collectors strips are fulfilled from Jersey and the JE prefix is only available from Jersey.

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