New Datestamps improve the impression of Post and Go!

It appears that Post Office Ltd have been looking at ways of improving the “customer journey” when a “Certificate of Posting” is required when using the Post and Go machines in a Post Office. In most cases you have to visit the ‘Fastdrop’ counter and have the barcode added (Where required) and  CoP datestamped.  In a move to improve this,  Branch staff in the public area in selected Post Offices  have been issued with ‘Mini’ datestamps so that receipts can be validated quickly and easily without the need to visit the counter.  Uniquely these are inscribed with the Branch name, Stamp Number (1,2,3 etc) and the words ‘Post and Go’ .

So far these have been seen in use  at Clapham Common, Cambridge and High Street, Croydon and in both Circular and Square versions.


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