New Hytech Machines plus Union flag Jubilee Overprint will be available at Autumn Stampex

Royal Mail have confirmed that they have completed their trials of Hytech Self-Service equipment and will now introduce a updated and improved set of Hytech equipment.

The new machines will include for the first time a ‘fixed’ machine identifier which will link to a ‘series type’ for example  the ‘A’ Series will be self-service. This ‘fixed’ identifier will appear on all stamps produced by that machine and will additionally include ‘Location’ as well as the usual Month and Year information.

For Autumn Stampex 2012 , there will be Four Hytech machines in use – two ‘Self Service’ and two ‘Back Office’ versions.

As usual, the current Post and Go issues will be available on the opening of Stampex – Pigs and Union flag . On the Friday of Stampex, The new issue ‘Cattle’ will be introduced.

In addition the ‘Stampex Special’ overprint will be a unique version (only available at this Stampex) of the “Diamond Jubilee” overprint applied to the Union Flag Post and Go stamp.

In summary, the products available have been confirmed as:-

  1. British Farm Animals 2 ~‘Pigs’ Post & Go Stamps.
  1. ‘Union Flag’ Post & Go Stamps with ‘Diamond Jubilee 1952-2012’ overprint.
  1. ‘Union Flag ‘Post & Go.
  1. British Farm Animal 3~’Cattle’ Post & Go Stamps. (Available from 28th September).

These will be available in six values: –

  • 1st Class                              £0.60
  • 1st Class Large                    £0.90
  • Europe up to 20g                 £0.87
  • Worldwide up to 10g             £0.87
  • Worldwide up to 20g             £1.28
  • Worldwide up to 40g             £1.90

Which can be vended in singles or multiples as required.

They will also be able to dispensed in

‘Collectors’ Strips:- 1 of each value                       £6.42


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